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Outfits for children for photo session

AMG Photography Styling Guide


You've invested in your photo session, but what will you and your family wear? What you wear is important because it impacts the visual and artistic quality of your images. My goal is to provide styling which will result in timeless and artistic images that you will appreciate for generations!

Taking the Stress Out of Styling

Spring Outfit options for Photo session

How does this all work?

My styling process will not only make this easy, but will save you money (one less thing to buy!) and most importantly fun!


You specify your color preferences and sizes of mom and kiddos on your Scheduling Form.


After you are booked, I will send you an email of examples of beautifully coordinated outfits that match your vision through my Style and Select App. The Styling Access Code is Style2022. You may select outfits from these recommendations. Dresses listed are from my Client Wardrobe for Women and Little Ones. Outfits for other family members are from online shops and may be purchased or just used for inspiration.


You are welcome to try on client wardrobe dresses prior to your session by scheduling a meeting with Ann Marie or you can simply wait until session day! At the Studio, dresses will be hanging on a rack waiting for you to try on in the changing room.  For outdoor sessions, you may make arrangements to pick up your dress or simply wait until you arrive at your session where I have a portable changing tent.


I will have your dresses ready for you for your session day. Also, Dresses are cleaned after each use. I will take care of cleaning your dress after your shoot! See? Easy, Peasy!

Some Wardrobe Examples


Moms are usually always multi-tasking and buying clothes for everyone else and leave themselves last! I want women to feel beautiful and special. I also want getting ready for photos to be STRESS FREE!

Mother holding baby bump outdoors


The dresses I have curated are not only beautiful and photo ready, but they are also comfortable and flattering for all body types AND in all sizes. I have something in every size so we can work together to find something you will be comfortable in.

Newborn photography with baby wearing bonnet

FOR Babies, Toddlers, and Little Girls

Don't bring a thing! For babies and toddlers, I have a variety of wraps, jumpers, dresses, and bonnets to choose from. For little girls, I have a number of dresses to choose from! You can choose a dress for yourself and an outfit for your little ones from the Style and Select recommendations that I will send you.

Family photo of family wearing styled outfits outdoors


following tips will help make getting ready for photos a breeze.


  • Opt for flowing skirts and dresses! For all ages, wearing a dress that allows for movement and flows easily is a great choice. These are both more comfortable and add more visual interest to your images. Remember, you will be sitting on the ground, cuddling with your family, or running through a field, so you need to wear something that will move with you and allow you to be engaged and comfortable in your session!

  • Wear outfits with delicate patterns in similar color palettes mixed with others that are solid and neutral. But, DON’T all wear busy patterns. Again, remember balance: some wear patterns and others a neutral color.

  • Boots for fall, simple comfortable shoes for guys, or neutral colored sandals that match that flowing dress are all perfect. We may go barefoot too!

  • Earth Tones are key: soft, muted tones are best. Avoid dark blues and grays!


  • NEVER force kiddos to wear something new they’ve never worn before! There will be a mysterious tag that is scratchy or that beautiful flowing dress will suddenly feel “too tight” 10 minutes before your session. Give time for “practice” wearing around the house a few days before or choose pieces that are familiar to them.

  • No athletic running shoes or uncomfortable high heels.

  • Avoid wearing blacks and dark blues or grays. Choose a variety of colors in earth tones that coordinate and then throw in accessories such as hats or scarves to add texture and fun.

  • Please avoid hoodies, shirts with logos, or athletic wear, and no bright, fluorescent colors!

Style & Select member

Style & Select App

In order to make styling simple and stress free, I provide all of my clients access to the Style & Select app! After our pre-session consultation, I'll send you an email with recommended outfit ideas and access to the app, which will showcase outfits you can buy and outfits from my client wardrobe for you! In the app, you can find inspiration and shop on your own, request outfits from the client wardrobe, or purchase directly from the app. This is a great resource in order to ensure your pictures turn out amazing and have a timeless look!